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Alternating sheer and solid fabric bands combined into a single shade creates a unique, functional and elegant design. Create varying dimensions of light with Revolve Transitional Shades. Shift the solid vanes to overlap with the sheer vanes and you ensure privacy.


Modern style utilizing advanced weaving techniques provides long-lasting durability and performance


Utilizing advanced weaving techniques, the horizontal lines of Revolve Transitional Shade fabric create panoramic views unobstructed by cord the shade fabric of a premium shade and the light control and privacy of a Venetian blind make the Revolve Transitional Shade Collection unparalled in appearance, versatility and value


Limited lifetime warranty

options & styles

Headrail options

square and curved cassette with fabric wrap colour coordinating bottomrail

operating systems


A semi-automated option with an adjustable rate of speed, the Cordless system adjusts the shade to the desired height with a slight tug on the bottom rail.


Motorization is the ultimate cordless option allowing control of blinds or shades with a touch of a button. Our motorization system allows an operator to conveniently close or open all shades at the same time or individual shades separately.