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Shutters are loved for their sturdy nature and reliable operation; choosing the best one for your home comes down to the type of material and finish you need to ensure a cozy atmosphere enhanced with trendy accents. From wood to plantation, California, and even plastic shutters, there’s no shortage of options for getting the best out of these window coverings.

Wood Shutters

Wood shutters are window coverings both classic and contemporary. Design details like hand sanded louvers, fine furniture finishes, and artisan painting techniques distinguish Trisol’s wood shutters. And since our solid wood construction is lighter in weight and more rigid than most composite materials, we have the capability to manufacture wider, more durable panels that resist warpage.

Our shutters are made from 100% Canadian hardwood. We never use finger jointed wood or composite fillers. This allows both the panels and frames to retain their original appearance throughout their lifetime. Their beauty will not warp or crack and their shape remains square and true.

For durable beauty in any environment, choose Trisol’s wood shutters. They are a combination of long-lasting beauty and traditional styling that adds a warm, rich dimension to any room.

Vinyl Shutters

There’s an option that combines the beauty and durability of wood and the budget-friendly features of the plastic variety. Vinyl shutters come in a range of designs and finishes, including genuine, polished wood and virtually any type of construction to blend in with your home’s interior, while providing the core benefits of light control, privacy and insulation. Enjoy the high-quality materials and professional craftsmanship that go into the design and installation of these functional but budget-friendly shutters.

Vinyl shutters are especially designed for high humidity or high moisture environments. These include bathrooms and kitchens, as the vinyl material is not prone to warping and damage even when exposed to moisture for long periods.

You can count on vinyl shutters to provide a long-lasting function with very little maintenance, as these don’t require sanding, staining, or painting, and can be cleaned simply by wiping or dusting them down. Vinyl shutters are highly adaptable — their sturdy construction, high-quality material composition, and the manufacturing process that enhances their natural durability result in solid window treatments fit for any space.